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TrackerBoard Ads Generator

Your OWN ads on your OWN websites or blog

The TrackerBoard Ads Generator (TAG) allows you to create a piece of html code that you can insert in your own websites.


Customization options

* Group

  • Show links from 1 of your TrackerBoard groups ...
  • Or from all your groups.

* Background

  • Set the background color for your ads. Example: FFA500

* Text Color

  • Set the text-color for your ads. Example: 000000
  • This color should contrast with the background color, for maximal readability.

* Limit

  • You can set the number of ads that will be shown. Example: 5

* Width

  • Set the width for your ads box (in pixels). Example: 300
  • Note: When you set the width wider than 350 pixels, your ads box will be shown below the form where you change the settings.

* Height

  • Set the height for each ad in your ads box (in pixels). Example: 50
  • For a big font size, this value has to be bigger if you want your text link to fit completely in the box. Text that doesn't fit in the box, will be clipped.

* Font-Size

  • Set the size for the font (in pixels). Example: 18

* Reminder

  • TrackerBoard uses a Reminder system to make it easier to see where your ad was clicked.
  • Just add a reminder in your ads, and it will show up in your TrackerBoard logs.
  • The reminder should be a descriptive name to remind you about the place where you are showing the ads. Example: MyWebsite

* Randomize

  • Allows you to show random links
  • Check (enable) the checkbox to show ads in a random order. Useful in combination with Limit.

And out comes your Ad Box

Click the generate button to preview your Ad Box.

Put it in your own websites

Copy the generated code and paste it in your own websites or blog.

Copy this code in your website (just an example here)

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