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User Agreement

No Spam This site has a strict anti-spam policy.
Don't do it !

This service is provided 'as is' and is run honestly by Valleyken.

Changes and improvements are constantly made to this website, for the benefit of all members. My decisions are final, and based on my idea of 'best solution for all members'. 

  • I take no responsibility for malfunctioning of the website, but I will try to solve existing problems to my best effort.

  • In case of loss of the upgrade money (hackers, database issues, ...) I can not promise a refund but you will have a free upgrade in my next projects.

    I reserve the right to close this website for new signups at any time to make sure that existing members enjoy a decent service.

    The compensation plan is explained on the upgrade page.


Your sponsor (referrer) can access your email address to contact you. Your sponsor is required to use this responsibly. If not, his/her account can be terminated.

You also agree to receive occasional emails from TrackerBoard about site status and progress, or promotional emails.

http://trackerboard.com is not responsible for the content of ads displayed on our network. Members agree to post no hate,adult or criminal links.


No guarantees about income are made because this depends on your own efforts. This script is programmed for my own use, to provide a tracking solution that lives up to my own needs.

  • No refunds are given, due to the digital nature of this offer.

  • A limited free membership is available to test the system before you decide to upgrade.

Any business has an inherent risk for financial loss. Refunds can be requested and discussed in a friendly way, but are not guaranteed.

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Any questions remaining about me or my business, contact me through my helpdesk.

Sincerely, Valleyken

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