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Dear fellow marketer,

Imagine driving your car in a crowded city with your eyes closed. You wouldn't get very far, would you ? There is too much going on around you, and you have no idea where you are going.

And that is exactly what happens in advertising.

Too many people blindly send out their ads, hoping to make a lucky sale every now and then, in a world overloaded with online opportunities that promise the sky and the moon.

Take Control Of Your Advertising

TrackerBoard is a link-tracking service that allows you to:

  • Organize all your links
  • Find out who reads your ads
  • Get your websites listed in search engines quickly
  • Increase your advertising results
  • Get free advertising just for setting up links in TrackerBoard
  • Build a mailing list

Get Organized

Chances are that you are involved in so many opportunities, that you have to keep a list of all your affiliate links, just so that you have them at hand when you send out your ads.

Why not just list them to the public, on neatly organized adboards ? TrackerBoard makes it extremely easy.

Free Advertising

By listing your sites on TrackerBoard, they will quickly be crawled by search engine bots. You can get listed in days, instead of months.

And to make things even better, I show TrackerBoard Ads from random members on all my high-traffic websites, giving you even more exposure for your links.

Tracking all your links

All links that you set up, are automatically tracked. That means, you can look up who clicked on your links. And not only clicks on your TrackerBoard. You can even use your tracker links in your emails, and see who clicks on them.

Some other nifty features that you'll have to try

  • Show TrackerBoard ads on all your websites and manage all your links from one easy account.
  • No need to log in to have access to your url tracker links. Just grab your links from your public TrackerBoard page when you need them.
  • Very easy split-testing. Find out which advertising works better.
  • Download your tracker logs.

Skyrocket your Advertising
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